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02 May 2011 @ 08:27 am
Master Prompts List  

- Lee has a third sibling, a sister, who was killed in the attacks. How does that change him?
- Lee dropped out of the military after Zak's death, and is working for the Colonial Police when the first Cylon attacks happen.
- Lee's mother was also military
- Lee and Zak are both fantastic viper pilots
- Lee and Zak's relationship as adults (/while Zak is at the Academy). Are they friends? Is Lee a domineering older brother or full of good advice? Is Zak awesome or a brat? Tell me things about the Brothers Adama!
- Bill takes Lee and Zak camping (maybe something reminiscent of m_a_r_i_k_s new vid)
- Also, [related to m_a_r_i_k_s vid] Lee in nice natural places as something that happened at Grandpa Joe's.
- A good Adama family moment
- Lee is at Test Pilot School when the attack comes.
- Lee is at Law School when the attack comes.
- Lee is at culinary/bar tending school when the attack comes.
- Lee is visiting relatives on Tauron when the attack comes.
- choosing law school or flight school
- Pre-mini, multiple-POV: What different things do Lee's teachers/superior officers see in this young man?
- Lee had never joined the military and was on Galactica during the end of the worlds.
- Lee pushes on and tell Bill what his and Zak's childhood was really like with Carolanne. I'm taking that she swept the booze away in Bill's memory meant Lee was subjected to more than verbal/psychological abuse.
- Lee's experience of Academy life. What was he really like?
- A snapshot of childhood. Good / bad / other. You decide.
- As a teenager, Lee decides to join ROTC - why?
- An AU in which Lee is a lawyer, living quietly as a civilian in the Fleet until he's asked to defend Gaius Baltar.

“Caprica” Series
- Lee's reaction to the circumstances regarding his father and his uncle Will, not to mention Tamara.
- Lee's mother died when he was a young boy, leaving Lee and Zak with his Tauron relatives while Bill stayed in the Fleet
- Joseph Adama had two sons named William. Rather a strange occurance under the circumstances? Plus how much Lee knows about his Tauron heritage does intrigue me too. Or maybe it's just an excuse for some Lee and grandpa time. Also, definitely an area I'd like further explored through the lens of Lee's knowledge or perspective of his paternal family history.
- Lee goes through his dad's books and finds a journal belonging to Grandpa Joe and finds out about Tamara and the Greystones.

Lee on Caprica after the Fall
- Lee agrees to go to Caprica to get the arrow (as Roslin offered in a deleted scene), he meets Sam Anders
- Lee was on shore leave on Caprica when the attacks happened... and Kara finds him leading the Resistance when she comes looking for the Arrow.

Home (Kobol) Arc
- Colonel Tigh orders Lee's viper shot down when he tries to flee to Kobol.
- Zarek and Meier openly and forcibly control the situation on Kobol
- Bill Adama does not recover so quickly from his bullet wounds in KLG, leaving Tigh in charge for a lot longer. Lee, Roslin and the others are left on Kobol with the Arrow of Apollo for an indefinite amount of time.

Pegasus Arc/Razor
- Lee doesn't recover psychologically from his suicide attempt and musters out of the service. How does he recover?
- Lee after his suicide attempt. How did that close call change him?
- Kendra survives Razor; the New Caprica plotline never happens. What sort of relationship have Lee and Kendra formed, two years later when the fleet is still looking for Earth?
- Lee isn't on Galactica at the time of the attacks on the colonies... because he's just taken up his new post as a Squadron Leader on the Pegasus.
- Lee is saved by Racetrack after taking the spacewalk during Resurrection Ship...but now, he's got amnesia (temp, permanent, selective, any kind will do).
- (re: above prompt) … not only amnesia, but perhaps brain damage enough to have his cognitive abilities significantly impaired. He'd be just a sweetheart though, and everyone would look out for him.
- Lee, Kara, Kendra plan an op
- No one is perfect on Pegasus. Kara drinks, Kendra shoots up, what's Lee's vice?
- Also, re: above, Kara is Lee’s vice
- Also, re: above, how this "vice" was perceived by the a new crew. A really fresh perspective.
- Kendra is able to tell Lee the Hybrid's message about Kara before her comm signal goes dead in Razor.
- Zak never dies and shows up with the Pegasus. He's a changed man and Lee and Bill must cope with what that means.
- After the Res Ship is destroyed, Admiral Cain is not killed by Gina, Fisk is still the XO, Kara is the CAG, and Lieutenant Lee Adama is just a pilot. I'm interested in how Lee deals with being an "ordinary" pilot without any official power under these circumstances.

Black Market
- Lee navigates the burgeoning black market of the fleet coming to terms with his personal feeling and need for the underground trading network. (Maybe without prostitutes and dead girlfriends.)
- Lee/Shevon discussions of Gianne or Kara
- Lee uses the black market to his advantage

New Caprica Arc
- Kara and Lee do not frak on New Caprica, Kara doesn't muster out, Dee gets her transfer. What happens?
- Make a compelling case for Lee to become Fat!Lee
- The Galactica is destroyed at New Caprica, not the Pegasus - making Lee the senior Fleet Officer left alive.
- The Pegasus is not destroyed in the NC rescue op
- After the exodus from New Caprica and the destruction of the Pegasus, Lee doesn't return to being CAG but instead investigates the actions committed by Cylons and humans on New Caprica during the occupation. He discovers the atrocities committed against the Sagittarions and looks for justice despite the fact that Dee seems uninterested.
- NC roles are reversed somewhat. Kara is with the fleet, Lee is on NC and is taken by the Cylons just after the invasion. This could possibly lead to Kara helping him recover from four months in Cylon hands, depending on where your muse decides to take you
- Lee confronts Kara about marrying Sam for the wrong reasons. They have their 'dance' after only days instead of years from when she marries. (I see this scene potentially starting similar to KLG1 discussion of 'why'd you do it Kara' but Lee doesn't back down when Kara uses the 'I'm a screw up' tactic.). What happens next?
- Saul is more specific during his early morning chat w Kara on NC. He gives the same advice but with a more direct implication that she has always chosen Lee. Perhaps they discuss Saul/Ellen and K/L similarities.

Maelstrom Arc (Including TSAR/Crossroads)
- Lee goes into the Maelstrom with Kara
- After Maelstrom, Lee resigns and disappears into the Fleet
- Lee grounds Kara in Maelstrom, deciding it might just be safer to help her while on Galactica rather than in separate vipers in space.
- Alternate scene, TSAR: Lee conducts the interrogation of Caprica Six by himself, but even though he doesn't want to go there, their conversation still ends up being about pain and love
- Lee's actions are the same during Baltar's trial. Baltar still loses. Lee's next steps/choices.

- Some time in the future (could be on New Earth, could be in an alternate reality where the fleet is still together and going) a historian is writing about the fleet and Lee's role within and contribution to it and its achievements. What would the history of the fleet/biography of Adama say? What conclusions would it draw? Would Lee contribute an interview? What would he think about the events of BSG when looking back with the luxury of time separating him from the immediacy of events?
- After the poof, Lee searches for his father
- Post-finale, Lee spends more time with Saul and Ellen than he would ever have expected
- Post-finale, instead of abandoning all technology and driving their ship into the sun, the survivors found a new city. Lee is elected president.
- Lee doesn't send the tech into the sun. Post-poof, he and Galen still express their desires to 'get away' from everyone. Instead of wandering and getting eaten by mountain lions, they both stay on the ship, doing basic maintenance but also just taking time to be alone. A friendship forms.

President Lee
- Find the title of the first bill/law Lee signs after becoming President and write about his reflections. I think it might have been a deleted scene, but there's one where Tory brings it to newly appointed President Lee. I remember thinking the subject was ridiculously innocuous. What are Lee's reactions to the broad range of things he has to deal with during his time in office.
- A/R step down at a more reasonable point (start S4?). Lee and Kara become President and Admiral.

Lee and Laura
- Lee seeks out Laura for relationship advice (or some personal advice that shows a deepening of their personal relationship)
- Lee and Laura discuss Bill and the Adama family
- Also, [Laura] might help him get some interesting and very needed insights.
- Lee never joins the Fleet but instead accompanies Laura Roslin when she attends Galactica's de-comissioning ceremony
- In attempting to jump to Ragnar, Colonial One mistakenly jumps elsewhere. Lee and Laura are romantically involved by they time they find the Fleet a some time later
- Laura and Lee begin an affair after he agrees to be her advisor. Lee ends the affair after Adama is shot. What's the fallout?
- Write a missing Lee and Laura scene from Six of One
- Learning the ropes when Lee is first appointed military advisor to Roslin.

Lee and Dee
- Dee leaves Lee after the Dance
- Dee doesn't accept Lee's marriage proposal. What happens to Lee all alone on the Peggy?
- Lee/Dee post-TABFYW before Maelstrom
- Lee and Dee have a child
- Dee doesn't leave Lee during the Baltar trial

Lee and Kara
- Lee/Kara, Academy fic
- The cylon war happens fifteen years later, Lee is XO on the Atlantia which survives the attacks and meets up with Galactica, reunions, Kara/Lee UST
- Lee writes his CO logs while on Pegasus. At some point he notices that Kara has started reading and "correcting" his entries. (The corrections obviously make the log messy and less visually pleasing.)
- Lee is trying to keep the CAG's office tidy. He invites Kara in to frak help plan a mission, leaving for 10 minutes to go get condoms a drink. Upon his return, he finds Kara sitting on the floor with papers strewn all around her. None are left in the neat stacks Lee had arranged on his desk. Of course the new paper arrangement makes perfect sense to Kara. Bonus points if the fic writer can work in the "It was broken; I'm fixing it" line that River says to Book in Firefly when he finds her editing/dismantling his Bible.
- The almost-table frak never happened. "You're dreaming, Kara. Dreamer." And that's EXACTLY it. Kara's dreamt of Lee sometime before they meet. So the extra-long pause when she opens the door means something else this time.
- Lee, Kara, and Sam have a threesome not long after Sam arrives on Galactica.
- Bill gets a clue and sends K/L to 'couples therapy' in S1 or S2 due to the obvious UST. They are required to attend in order to remain working together as CAG/lead pilot. Can be crack or serious.
- Kara and Lee, snapshots from various life cycles

Lee and Others
- some moments of friendship for Lee. With anyone.
- Kara setting Lee and Helo up on a bromance date.
- Lee/Helo friendship piece, maybe in which Helo is the witness to Lee actually breaking after Kara's death in Maelstrom. Or something fluffier (again, based on friendship between Lee & Helo)
- Lee and Gaeta spend time together, but they aren't friends
- Lee and Sam find out they have something in common besides Kara
- Lee and Cally, post-Bastille Day
- Lee and Cally after he saved her life on the Astral Queen. I see it as a big brother, little sister type thing.
- Lee and Athena, theme: loyalty and/or freedom
- Lee and Kat, timeframe: between Exodus and The Passage
- Lee/Gianne pre-attacks
- Lee/Kara/Zak long-term threesome. Either fluffy and happy OR angsty post-Daybreak flashbacks of the three getting together OR angsty relationship collapse after Zak dies
- Lee, rather than Kara, interrogates Leoben in Flesh and Bone.
- Gianne winds up somewhere in the Fleet (with a little girl?) and Lee spots her/she approaches him. What are the ramifications?
- Lee didn't run when Gianne told him she was pregnant; he married her.
- Lee and Zarek have a conversation on the nature of power after Lee becomes acting president.
- A conversation between Lee and another Quorum member.
- Missing scene (Blood on the Scales): While Baltar is sharing a last meeting with Gaeta before his execution, Lee is doing the same with Tom Zarek.

Lee and Bill
- In YCGHA, Bill says he hasn't come to terms with Zack's death, and Lee says he has. Explore this.
- Bill and Lee have an actual conversation about feelings and relationships without one of them shutting down (!)
- Lee objects to Bill's relationship with Laura
- Bill gets to know something about his son he didn't know before.
- At the end of Black Market, Bill told Lee he should have talked to him about Shevon. He also said Lee had been different after his space walk. Lee wasn't very forthcoming about anything and Adama let things rest. What if he had been genuinely worried about what was going on with his son and hadn't given up so easily? How much would he have found out and what would he have done about it?

- It's the end of the worlds and Lee decides it's time to confess his sins.
- the origins of the scar on Lee's left cheek
- Theories on how he got the scar (from various characters, can be in their POV, or can be actual convo's, etc.) and the truth about how he got that scar (from someone who really knows him, was there, etc.)
- Lee starts a library for the fleet, but the only books they have are whatever people brought for travel reading the day of the attacks. Bonus points if you can weave in the Farenheit 451 idea of people who become living repositories of books, and explore the transition from a written to an oral culture
- Lee's final message for the important people in his life, recorded before leaving on what turned out to be a one-way mission.
- Create a situation where Lee becomes darker and more brutal in his treatment of others
- Lee deals with a loved one being a cylon, i.e. his father, Zak, Kara, etc.
- Lee is a cylon
- Lee's jealousy gets out of hand and he does something nearly unforgivable
- After being shot on Cloud 9, Lee must deal with never being able to fly again. (Also, I'm seeing him asking Kara (for the story we discussed above although it's relevant here too) if he can "Fly viper?", and her telling him no with a bit of cheek stroking going on.)
- Black ops mission
- Ethical dilemma
- Lee makes a mistake that costs lives
- sharing a room
- summer vacation
- How did Lee get Jake to give to Romo
- trouble in paradise
- do I have to smack you in the mouth?
- the facts on the ground
- this isn't a marriage, this is a lie
- forgiven
- you're the CAG, act like one
- because you're my son
- Settling in as CAG in charge of a group of pilots he's never served with and doesn't know.
- Let me be the cynic around here, ok?
- I think we pissed them off.
- We tend to be afraid of things we don't know.
- I want to wake up as me or not at all.
- Thank you for the moral support.
- This is why we lost, you know. Superior numbers.
- It wasn't entirely a disaster.
- You can be more.
- I'm nobody's puppet!
- He’s here and...um, he blames me.
- Lee is part of the Demetrius crew.
- Snapshots of Lee in his quiet moments/personal time/reflections
- Lee at peace with himself, how he gets there
- fix it (choose something canon got wrong--perhaps L/K, maybe the hatefulness A/R showed Lee in TSAR, whatever you just feel completely at odds with--and rewrite it, focus on Lee's perspective)

- Prince Lee is betrothed to the evil Lady Racetrack. On the eve of their wedding, the commoner, Kara Thrace, kidnaps Prince Lee and hold him for ransom.
- Prince Lee fairytale
- Lee moonlights as a stripper on another ship. What happens when the ladies of the Galactica find out?
- Lee is a member of an emo band.

Non-BSG ‘verse (AUs and Crossovers)
- Lee's alternate life... sometime in the current world (or near past... 100 years of so).
- Lee is President of a Colonial enclave on modern day Earth
- Kara, Lee, & Bill in the world of Blade Runner. You can make Lee a replicant or a blade runner, whichever you prefer.
- By day, Lee Adama Kent is a mild-mannered reporter at Caprica's top newspaper, The Galactica. Their star investigative journalist, Kara T. Lane, is always throwing herself in the path of danger alongside her trusty sidekick and photographer, Karl A. Olsen. Their crusty boss, Bill A. White, is like a father to them all. But by night, Lee takes to the air as Superman, challenging the might of Caprica's supervillains, starting with the devious - if slightly buffoonish - Gaius Luther.
- It wasn't always easy for Lee, growing up on Gallifrey, even before the war began. Lee, the Time War, and the Doctor.
- When Captain Kara Tiberius Thrace takes command of the Starship Enterprise - the youngest captain in Starfleet history, with one of the most...colorful service records in recent memory - she's not sure how to work with the reserved, prickly Vulcan slated to act as her first officer. But there is more to Mr. Seland than meets the eye.
- Lee Adama dies during the Cylon attack on the Colonies. Fortunately for him, Kara Thrace was born with a sixth sense - she can see dead people.
- Lee Adama, Prince of Denmark, is devastated by his father's death, all the moreso once he learns that his uncle Saul has stolen his wife and throne. He vows revenge, but the intricacies of his own mind soon alter the course of his vengeance.
- Lee/Kara AU of Antigone: Lee's brothers, Zach and Sam, are dead, one a traitor to their race and one a hero. Lee, the new king, passes a law forbidding burial to the traitor. Kara is the last person he expects to defy him.
- Crossover with Indiana Jones: Kara=Indy, Lee=Marion, will hopefully include the phrase "You call this archaeology?"
- CAG Lee playing tour guide to their visitors from another universe.
Call Me OneTrack: Lee: sunglassescallmeonetrack on May 2nd, 2011 01:40 pm (UTC)
Ok the Superman prompt? Totally has me grinning. heeee.
koolaidmom11koolaidmom11 on May 2nd, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
I can't wait to read some of these stories. I'm not capable of writing them but i am capable of reading them
rachelindeedrachelindeed on May 2nd, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
Wow, this is quite a collection! I can't wait to see what everyone chooses to write about :)
damao2010damao2010 on May 2nd, 2011 04:29 pm (UTC)
OMG, I'm truly amazed by the amount of prompts. Such great potential!!!! YAY!
Lizzie: BSG - Apollo injuredwitherwings on May 2nd, 2011 10:12 pm (UTC)
One of these prompts has inspired me. I know I'm too late for the ficathon, but would it be ok to steal the prompt that has set my brain going?

Also, yay! I finally have some BSG icons :)

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scifishipper: lee dinner partyscifishipper on May 2nd, 2011 11:46 pm (UTC)
I'm happy to hear that one of the prompts inspired you. YAY! I plan to offer up the prompts for general use after June 1st, but if you'd like to contact the person who left the prompt to get permission to use for your own fic, that seems fine to me.

I'm happy you've been inspired - it's a great thing. Good luck with the fic! :D:D

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Lizzie: BSG - Apollo & Starbuck crutches (Six Dewitherwings on May 2nd, 2011 11:58 pm (UTC)
It's one of yours - the fat!Lee one. I'm happy to just write the fic and then sit on it until June (just in case one of the ficathon-ers is also after it :))
scifishipper: lee + cookiescifishipper on May 3rd, 2011 12:18 am (UTC)
Please feel free to write the story! I'd love to see someone do this prompt. Give me a few days to figure out what to do about the publishing. I might ask you to wait, but I am undecided. :)

Happy writing! <3
Lizzie: BSG - Apollo injuredwitherwings on July 10th, 2011 05:14 pm (UTC)
Finally finished it. It's over here at my journal. Hope that's ok.
scifishipperscifishipper on July 10th, 2011 05:29 pm (UTC)
Fantastic! I shall pimp it at tomorrow's LAD post! Bravo (and can't wait to read)!
brokenmnemonic: BSG - Leebrokenmnemonic on May 5th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
Oooh, there are more prompts here than I think there were the first time I read through. There are a lot of fun prompts here... I need to hurry up and stop writing.

The Lee Adama as Hamlet prompt for some reason makes me want to write Tom Zarek as Richard III.

"And thus I clothe my naked villainy
With odd old ends, stol'n out of holy writ;
And seem a saint, when most I play the devil."
Lexamaliak on May 6th, 2011 07:11 am (UTC)



brokenmnemonic: BSG - Pilotsbrokenmnemonic on May 14th, 2011 12:36 pm (UTC)
Heh, it's definitely me ;)
Lex: [BSG] Adama Self-Helpamaliak on May 6th, 2011 07:09 am (UTC)
- Crossover with Indiana Jones: Kara=Indy, Lee=Marion, will hopefully include the phrase "You call this archaeology?"

This sounds familiar...
scifishipperscifishipper on May 6th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
You've already got a head start!!! DO IT!!