March 21st, 2009

Red Riding Hood

Mod Post - Bye! It was a pleasure!

I don't know if posting this now is a good idea, but i'm doing it because it has to be done at some point.

BSG is finished, you can see my thoughts on that here with spoilers and you can talk about the episode here with spoilers.

What will happen now with the community?

The community will be open for you to post entries, the mods will keep taking a look at them to keep spam away, but for me... for me the show is sadly finished.

Collapse )

As a mod, i'll keep being a mod, but i'm done making posts, i'm done posting pictures and other thingies. It was a pleasure to know you and to share our love for Lee Adama. At the end, he's a great man.

Bye, everybody!
Ellia heliotitans